Big Data, Scorecards and Analytics

SAS has the latest business intelligence (BI) and data warehouse (DW) capabilities to ensure that big data and analytics produce actionable insights, driving outstanding speed-to-shelf results for our retail customers.

Our proprietary BI/DW system, RetailLogic™, is known industry-wide as a high-tech leader in retail services. It provides extensive reporting and analytics, detailing program execution and impacts. It also simplifies millions of rows of data via dashboards and performance metrics.

RetailLogic™ includes visual scorecards, push reporting via email and alerts, portal access, details on resets, NICI, out-of-stocks, store exceptions, and numerous other features and functions.

Some of the most popular reports in RetaiLogic™ include:

  • Executive scorecards
  • Proof of Execution (PoE) with before/after pictures
  • Wave reset efficiency analyses
  • Category exceptions visualizations
  • New item cut-in’s (NICI) scorecards
  • Operations performance metrics
  • Merchandiser attendance reporting