Fully customizable platform

We use the latest technology to provide you with a fully customizable proprietary system platform that includes in-the-cloud capabilities and mobile apps.

Customized reports and analytics

By automating your data feeds and integrating key data into our SAS Retail Services system, we can readily provide you with customized reporting and analyses.


We offer multiple levels of security to protect your data throughout the project, from the mobile tablets our associates use to collect data in the field to the cloud-based database encryption we use on the back end.

Web access

You can easily access our web portals for data and progress updates anywhere, anytime.

Real-time data

Our use of mobile tablets in the field allows you to follow our progress and view our data in real-time, driving efficient field operations and empowering our employees to make quick decisions to ensure excellent execution.

Online visual inspection

We post digital photos of our work securely online so you can perform a visual inspection.

Electronic signature verification

We capture store management signatures electronically on tablets, allowing your team to verify our work while it’s performed in the store.

Immediate store feedback

Our technology includes features designed to capture feedback and team benchmarking from the store manager.

Proof of performance

You can see real-time data, new item and category completion updates, distribution tracking at SKU level, and store-specific instances.