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SAS Retail Services offers several different types of job opportunities in the retail industry. As a large growing company with a national and global reach, we offer on-the-job training and career advancement. Below are some of the positions we are looking to fill.


As a merchandiser, you are responsible for servicing stores in the field, re-merchandising products, and performing other merchandising activities. You work either in a team environment, or independently based upon the project. This is an entry-level position.

Lead Merchandiser

As the lead merchandiser, you lead associates in the merchandising process, ensuring compliance to standards and goals and keeping the team on task. You are primarily responsible for ensuring plans and changes to schedules are adhered to while exceeding client expectations and business needs. You also manage the day-to-day tasks of your associates for the duration of assignment.

Your role requires you to effectively communicate with your team, your supervisor and the retailer. You are responsible for executing special projects, making decisions to release, cancel or defer work based on current inventory, demand, capacity and material availability.


As a supervisor, you work either at an SAS Retail Services home office or in the field. You are responsible for recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training new SAS Retail Services associates. During the hiring process, you are responsible for communicating all SAS Retail Services policies, procedures, and dress code.

You are also responsible for scheduling projects for merchandisers as well as managing schedules that coincide with equipment and product deliveries. You assign work to merchandisers, track the progress of current projects, and communicate the status of those projects to your superior.

Program Director

As an SAS Retail Services Program Director, you are responsible for managing and developing a group of SAS Retail Services in-house associates, retail analysts, and area supervisors. You are the primary communicator of in-store execution programs with the retailer and vendor/broker partners. As such, you represent SAS Retail Services, our retailers, and our suppliers by effectively supervising and managing much of the work.

You need to be a detail-oriented self-starter and a quick learner, because you’ll be required to effectively lead and manage a geographically distributed team. You must have excellent organizational and communication skills, be comfortable working with technology, and have the ability to build relationships with business partners.

Program Coordinator

The program coordinator is the liaison between the in-store execution program manager and the SAS Retail Services operations team. You are responsible for maintaining a strong communication flow between all parties as well as supporting the team by providing the necessary tools to execute our services in the best most efficient manner while delivering high-quality results.

Space Management Analyst

The Space Management Analyst is accountable for the development and comprehensive analysis of assigned merchandise categories. This position will be responsible for the creation and maintenance of planograms and product assortments. This position is responsible for the delivery of clear and concise information across all areas of the business to accomplish desired business objectives and goals. The Space Management Analyst is responsible for issue resolution through collaboration with merchandising teams, peers and senior managers. Duties and responsibilities are time sensitive and deadline driven therefore sense of urgency and quality time management skills are critical. This position is accountable for timely execution of planning, analysis and development of planograms.

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