Let’s Celebrate the Top Women in Grocery!

The Top Women In Grocery (TWIG) is an award that recognizes some of the most influential women in the industry. All across the United States, hard-working and dedicated women put their best feet forward each day to ensure success with their business, co-workers and the retail space itself.

A word that did not hold much weight to some prior to 2020, now breathes new velocity. The world was reintroduced to essential and what it means in a public setting. Grocery was one of the top areas to be labeled essential, and all those involved are necessary to keep our ‘every days’ going.

This year’s TWIG awards honor encompasses the essential work done during 2021, and the impact it has on our future. SAS Retail Services is extremely proud to support 5 of our own who were nominated and won!

We sat down with these ladies and asked what it means to them to provide daily support to their communities, devise retail trends that will benefit suppliers and consumers, and be strong women in a prominently male-dominated field. It was an honor to hear what they had to say:

“I have a true passion for people. I want to make sure we implement new and innovative programs to drive Associate engagement. I believe the growth and development of [our people] are our primary responsibilities as they will lead future growth. “

-Erin Z.

“The balance between life and work is huge with women. On average, women are the ones taking care of the house, still, and taking care of the kids still, and they have their jobs. A lot of men I come in contact with do not have all those responsibilities…[with that being said] I’ve never felt that being a woman set me back. I’ve always felt greatly supported.”

– Jodi R

“I need to look long term when creating a plan and how it’s going to be implemented. It’s not something that people have already bought into – there is a culture shift. It’s something I have to influence very heavily from the top down and make sure I’m communicating with the right partners so we can make that switch to attract, integrate, engage and retain our valuable Associates. There is a whole other layer of influence that needs to happen. I’ve been [very excited] to integrate with our leadership team – getting their buy-in and making sure I’m listening to what is needed. I’m incredibly humbled to be a part of this group of ladies. It’s a really cool experience,”

– Karen H

“Every day is something new and something exciting, and we could write a book on it. A lot of the time, my primary responsibilities fall with the in-store execution teams which are about 78% of our workforce. It’s important to recognize and show appreciation for their participation in the overall success.”

– Kathi C.

“I feel honored and humbled to be nominated for a Top Women in Grocery recognition, especially in a leadership position. With men outnumbering women in these roles 4:1 nationally, I think it is incredible to have this opportunity with a female-led corporation. I look forward to the impact I can make with my team at Advantage/SAS.”

-Kayla N.

Erin, Jodi, Karen, Kathi, and Kayla, congratulations! We are so excited you are TWIG winners, you deserve the win and we are celebrating with you. Read about all of this year’s winners on Progressive Grocer.