Great Advice for Working Parents and Those Leading Them

The other day CODA, our DE&I Council was joined by Ginger as well as Our House, Working Families ERG for a panel discussion to help our company’s parents and those that lead them. Here are some themes and suggestions that emerged during the conversation. Being a parent provides us with some of life’s most precious moments, but it also can present challenging ones as well. For working parents, juggling responsibilities at home with a career can certainly be stressful. As we approach another school year and many working parents transition back to the office, the family dynamic may be changing once again! Being a leader of working parents can also be challenging. There are things to do, and deadlines to meet. The productivity of those you lead is of utmost importance to reach company goals. Personal life used to be left at the office door, but everything is different now. Today, inclusion and empathy for the whole person are essential ingredients for building trusting teams who can reach company goals. Our panel, including a counselor, a psychologist and our own group leaders, fielded questions such as: How do I handle the guilt of working while also trying to be a

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Let’s Celebrate the Top Women in Grocery!

The Top Women In Grocery (TWIG) is an award that recognizes some of the most influential women in the industry. All across the United States, hard-working and dedicated women put their best feet forward each day to ensure success with their business, co-workers and the retail space itself. A word that did not hold much weight to some prior to 2020, now breathes new velocity. The world was reintroduced to essential and what it means in a public setting. Grocery was one of the top areas to be labeled essential, and all those involved are necessary to keep our ‘every days’ going. This year’s TWIG awards honor encompasses the essential work done during 2021, and the impact it has on our future. SAS Retail Services is extremely proud to support 5 of our own who were nominated and won! We sat down with these ladies and asked what it means to them to provide daily support to their communities, devise retail trends that will benefit suppliers and consumers, and be strong women in a prominently male-dominated field. It was an honor to hear what they had to say: “I have a true passion for people. I want to make sure

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Somewhere, Over the Philadelphia Skyline

I grew up in very small town. So small, that I knew every first, middle and last name of every student in my graduating class. Mostly because I had grown up with the same classmates since kindergarten. It was a sort of community where change rarely happened, and when it did, an opinionated wave of uproar and rabble spread, regardless of the change’s origin or intent. I do, however, remember that change also brought opportunity – a new beginning for so many. When a new restaurant was built, I remember my uncle’s plumbing company getting contracted, and I interviewed for my first job. Later, the local grocery store added an addition after a new subdivision broke ground 10 miles outside village limits. It all seemed to happen so quickly, and the community was quick to support the change, because the change would support them. It’s funny what triggers our memories. All of this started when I read an article on Supermarket News announcing that The Giant Company is expanding its Philadelphia presence with 4 new stores opening up this month. This may not seem like news to some, but to someone whose past generated excitement around making a 2-way stop

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